Paying for College

Where is the Financial Aid Question on the Common App?

Question: I don't see a question asking whether or not the applicant is applying for financial aid on the new 2008-2009 Common Application. It has always been there in the past -- has something changed? If so, why?

The financial aid question is still on the Common App but, this year, you'll have to play a little hide 'n seek to find it (like so many other times in the admissions process, eh?) :( The question is now in a separate section called "Future Plans," which you'll see on the main Common App menu, and not under "Personal Data," where you may be looking for it, if you've used the Common App in the past.

This is actually a good change, in my opinion, because it allows students to easily customize the information they send to colleges, which couldn't be done on the old form ... e.g., need-blind schools don't require your answer to the financial aid question but need-conscious schools do.

Hope that helps. Happy hunting!