Where Can Part-Asian Student Be a Minority in STEM Programs?


I have a multiple-part question. I am half Asian and half Caucasian. Are there schools where an Asian STEM student would be considered an underrepresented minority? How would I find those? And then secondly, am I better off applying as Asian, as white, or as "two or more races?" Thank you.

You should apply as “Two or more races" ... and for two or more reasons. First of all, it's the honest answer. Do you really want to end up at a college that doesn't want you for who you truly are? Moreover, many admission officials seem to have a little soft spot for applicants who've navigated the sometimes murky waters of a biracial upbringing. These admission folks feel that students from mixed backgrounds may bring an atypical perspective to campus, which is a plus for the college community ... and for you at decision time.

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