Preparing for College

When Will I Hear from My Colleges?

Question: I applied to five colleges, Salem State, Bridgewater State, Rivier, Lesley U, and Arizona State. I sent all my applications out just before Thanksgiving and so far I have only heard from Arizona State. When should I hear from the other four schools?

You should contact the admission offices at those colleges directly. First ask if all your application materials arrived safely (unless you have already been notified that they have). If the answer is yes, then you can also ask when you should expect a decision. Questions like these are important and won't hurt you admission chances (unless you're a pest and keep calling ... a lot :( )

When colleges have "rolling admissions" policies, as your colleges do, admission decisions can arrive rather randomly. Friends who applied after you may receive acceptances before you get yours. Only rarely does this suggest that the college in question was more interested in your friends than in you. So don't get nervous if your classmates have already heard from any of your own target colleges, but do be sure that each school does have all your materials.

(posted 2/26/2011)