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Can I Send Colleges ONLY My SAT Subject Test Scores?


I am applying to several Ivy league and other top 20 colleges this fall, and all of them are test optional. I didn't do particularly well on the ACT when I took it last fall (I got a 32) but when I took the SAT subject tests, I got perfect scores on both Physics and Math 2. Would it be weird for me to submit Subject Test scores with my application but to NOT submit the regular ACT or SAT?

It's not at all weird to send just the Subject Test scores and not your ACT results. This year, most admission folks will be taking a "Mix and Match" approach to testing ... or maybe it's more like "Anything Goes!"

So unless your college list includes places that have specifically said, "Do NOT send Subject Tests (or ANY tests) because we won't even look at them," then it's actually a wise plan to submit only your Physics and Math 2 results.

Good luck and let us know if you have any further questions on your admissions journey!

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