When Personality, College and Careers Meet

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? When I was a boy (back around the time that electricity was becoming popular), I would happily spend my summer months reading Archie and Superman comics. I also spent far more time than I should have lying in my family's hammock, which was conveniently located under an apple tree in our back yard. Its shade provided an ideal atmosphere for me to read my piles of baseball books, most of which were about Mickey Mantle. I would also keep daily track of the Major League standings, both the Yankees (obviously my favorite team) and the Pittsburgh Pirates, since I lived near Pittsburgh.

These are wonderful memories of childhood for me. I'm sure that many of you, both students and parents, may have similar fond memories. But, again, the questions begs: Why are we now the way we are? Or, why have we turned out to be who we are and what effect does who we are have (or did it have) on our college and career choices? Let's take a moment to explore that, especially for you parents out there.

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