When And How to Say No to Colleges That Said Yes


I applied to Kent State and was accepted with an offer of merit money. I also got into my first choice and plan to go there. I would like to tell Kent State I'm not coming so they can give the money to someone else. My mother said to wait because Kent State might offer more the longer I wait. My question is, is my mother right? And if not, how do I tell KSU (and any other college I end up getting into) that I don't want to attend?

Congratulations on your acceptances. It's very kind of you to think of the needs of other students who have applied to Kent State, and -- if you will definitely not attend -- it would be nice of you to inform the school promptly, although you are not obligated to do so until May 1. However, if you think that you MIGHT enroll at Kent State if you are offered more money, it will be necessary for you to actively appeal your merit aid award. Kent State will not automatically raise your merit scholarship if you wait to reply to the offer. You will need to request additional funding, which you will probably not get ... but you might if you are an especially desirable candidate or if you can provide reasons why the higher merit grant is necessary for you to enroll.

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