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What's Wrong with Higher Education?

The nice part about having a blog is being able to spout off about whatever topic happens to be bothering me the most. Today, I'm going to take advantage of my bully pulpit here to talk about the problems of higher education. Well, I'm going to express a few of my opinions and then hand the floor over to a real expert who has pretty much nailed the situation, in my view. The problems are many and they're not simple ones.

There seems to be a ground swell portending a possible sea change in higher education. The main issue is cost. The price of a college degree has always been a challenge for families, even back in the early '60s when tuition at The Big Three Ivies was in the two thousand dollar range. Of course today you can't touch a year at the Ivies (and many other schools) for $50-60K. The mind boggles.

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