5 FAQs on What to Do If Coronavirus Closes Your School

Chances are you've discussed plans with teachers or received an email from your district superintendent or college president on what to expect if schools close because of coronavirus. While we don't want to cause panic, we do want to help you prepare if you need to stay home.

We surveyed students from sixth grade to college undergrads. Here are the top five most popular questions regarding what to do if school is closed due to coronavirus.

1. What Should I Do to Prepare for a School Closing Due to Coronavirus?

Be proactive. If you have a school issued laptop or tablet, take it home every night (just in case). Pack your textbooks too, not all editions are available online.

2. How Can I Get Help With School Assignments If School Is Closed?

Your teachers or professors should already have a communication plan in place, but you can also find extra online learning software on your own to help you. For writing, try an AI online learning software (like Ecree) that helps you write your paper from intro to conclusion. The easy-to-understand colored comments give you unlimited support while you write.

3. Do I Really Need to Do Work If School Closes?

Yes! This is not a vacation. Think of it as an exercise in time-management for college and practice for your future career. This is your chance to demonstrate the ability to complete tasks on your own. Whether sitting in a dorm room at college or landing a job that embraces remote work teams, you're going to learn how to focus while at home.

4. I'm Afraid My Grades Will Suffer If My Teacher Isn't With Me to Help.

It's okay to feel like that. Grades are important, especially end-of-year grades! Start gathering a list of online learning software that can help you with your various subjects. For example, if you're writing papers, you can consider using Ecree, an online writing software that gives you real-time feedback on everything from a thesis sentence, to your topic analysis, clarity, organization, conclusion etc.

5. What Are the Chances of Tests Being Canceled If School Closes?

That's up to your individual teachers and classes; however, many teachers may opt for a paper rather than a question/answer test format. When tests are taken at home, it'll most likely be an open-book. Teachers that want to make sure you really understand the material will likely ask for a paper or a long-format written essay to show higher-level thinking. One way to make sure you'll do well is to use an online writing software. When you can first draft your paper or essay in a tool that gives you feedback on your thesis, topic sentences, organization, clarity, etc. you're better equipped to do well when you submit that essay to your teacher. And if you're wondering, no, it's not cheating! If you are the one writing the paper, it's your words and your ideas, online learning software is there (like a calculator) to support your efforts. Ecree is a teacher-approved writing tool that you may want to consider trying.

Changing up your routine when school is closed can be a challenge, but online learning software like Ecree is a great way to keep up with your writing assignments. You may find it's helpful even when you're back in the classroom. Good luck -- and wash your hands!

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