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What Questions Should I NOT Ask at a College Interview?

Question: I'm a high school senior and will be having several campus interviews this fall. I've heard that it's not a good idea to ask a lot of questions that suggest that I'm only concerned with material things ... like if I can bring a car or microwave to campus. Are there other kinds of questions that I should avoid, too?

You don't have to eliminate the "creature comfort" questions entirely, but just go easy on them. Sometimes, in fact, students have important reasons to ask such things, and it's always wise to let your interviewer know if you do. One student in my orbit, for instance, is hoping to take a car to college so that she can visit her ailing grandmother who lives in a nearby town, several hours from all other family members. Another student I know has kept kosher since she was 12, even though the rest of her family does not, so having her own microwave would help her continue this in college. But you certainly don't need to ask if your dorm room gets HBO.

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