What is Alternative Spring Break and How to Have One


As a college student, you probably cannot help but think about spring break, a time off from studying, papers, quizzes and exams. Although the mention of spring break may bring up images of all-day and all-night parties on sunny beaches, this is certainly not the only way to spend your vacation. If you seek to combine your excitement for a break from studying with a fulfilling engagement, you may want to consider having an alternative spring break (ASB).

Break Away, a national nonprofit organization, defines an alternative break as “a trip where a group of college students engage in direct service, typically for a week." Students interested in exploring the option can do so at any time during their college journey. “I jumped at the chance to do an alternative spring break during my sophomore year of college at the University of Wisconsin – Madison," shares Liz Matthews, associate director of employer relations at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.“ I wanted to do something more meaningful than a typical spring break and it gave me an opportunity to get to know other students at my university."

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