What is a Stealth Candidate -- And How Can You Avoid Becoming One?


Do you feel like applying for college is just a (never-ending) series of boxes that need checking? That's not far from being accurate! However, I find all too often that students forget one crucial box that's not explicitly laid out on a traditional application: demonstrated interest. This can be the key that ensures you don't become a "stealth" candidate.

Demonstrated interest is, well, pretty much what you'd expect: Providing measurable evidence to show a school your interest in attending. Some students think that submitting an application is enough to demonstrate that interest. News flash: It's not anymore! Schools want to find candidates who bring the most to their campus, and it's no surprise that those students tend to be the candidates who are excited about being a part of it. By contrast, stealth candidates are students who may have that excitement but don't let it show.

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