What Are the Ethical Concerns Around Working Two Jobs?


Depending on where you are in your career, working two or more jobs may be financially necessary, or it could satisfy an interest you have beyond your regular job, serve as a professional development opportunity, allow for exploration outside what you have always done -- or it could be all of the above. Although working two jobs, also known as moonlighting, has not always been regarded favorably, it is becoming more common, particularly among the Millennial and Gen Z populations.

As the world of work becomes more flexible, job candidates are able to transition between different roles on a more regular and accepted basis. They are also able to pursue multiple opportunities at the same time to satisfy different personal and professional needs. For example, those pursuing roles in creative fields like theater or those teaching may need two or more opportunities to support their primary interest. Having a portfolio career through freelancing may also be an option for those unfulfilled by the traditional nine-to-five work environment. A common practice in recent years is for people to initiate a side hustle (an entrepreneurial venture) while still keeping a salaried position, offering security in the form of a steady paycheck and health benefits.

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