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What About The Liberal Arts?

Over the years here on my blog, I have discussed and you have commented on the value of getting a good practical college education. By "practical," we mean an education that provides a specific set of applicable--and marketable--skills that will not only enhance a young person's personal tool box but also his or her chances to find gainful and satisfying employment, not to mention materially rewarding work.

As I look back over my college years from this advanced-age perspective, I see most frequently the value of the liberal arts courses that I took. These were the classes that fell generally under the "distribution requirements" umbrella as part of my degree program. The courses included anthropology studies, acoustics, German language, art history, religion, and some other areas of the humanities. Many college students ask, "What do these courses have to do with my major?" Well, in a strict sense, they may have nothing to do with your major, but they could have a lot to do with your level of culture and the enjoyment you may develop during (and from) your life.

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