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Weird College Scholarships

It's time once again to take a look at whacky college scholarships. In the search for money to cover college expenses, students, Moms, and Dads scour the Internet for leads that can send financial relief their way. Some of the major sources of help include colleges. So-called “merit" aid is granted to admitted students to recognize their academic credentials or as an incentive for them to enroll. Merit aid differs from so-called “need-based" aid because it is doled out irrespective of a family's financial need. Need-based aid is awarded in varying amounts based on a family's response to such tools as the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and (sometimes) a college's own financial aid application.

High school students can also take advantage of their school's internal scholarships, usually endowed by foundations, companies, community organizations, or even private individuals. These awards aren't big, like the major national scholarships, but they can provide money for books and other needed incidentals.

One of the more interesting categories of scholarships is the “weird" or “whacky" ones targeted at extremely specific types of students. I wrote about some of these a while ago. I found some interesting new ones, so I thought I would mention them here today. They appear in an article entitled 10 Wackiest College Scholarships. The subtitle states, “Trust us … there's something here your kid is qualified for." That's an encouraging promise, despite ending in a preposition.

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