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More Weird College Scholarships

Every so often, I wade into the Internet to see what’s happening in the whacky world of weird college scholarships and report on my findings here. It’s that time again, so get out your notepad and prepare to jot down any possibilities for your college finance war chest.

In speaking with aspiring collegians and their parents, I’ve found that the overwhelming majority of these otherwise college-savvy people are unaware of these off-the-beaten-path offerings. One of the most prevalent reasons for this is that the cash awards from “weird” scholarships usually aren’t all that significant. In other words, you won’t be coming close to a full ride by winning the National Marbles Tournament Scholarship.

However, the thing to keep in mind about small scholarship awards is that they can add up to more than a minor amount. The price you have to pay, in most cases, is your time investment. First of all, you have to find out about them. I do that by searching the Web for “weird college scholarships.” That search phrase returns a ton of links. Then you have to evaluate the offerings and narrow down your candidates, based on your qualifications and your willingness to submit your application and/or essay.

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