Am I On the Waitlist?

Question: If a college admissions center sent me a letter asking for more time in making a decision about my application does that mean I am wait listed ?

“The Dean'” really should see more of the context of your letter before weighing in responsibly. BUT … from what you’ve told me, this does NOT sound like a waitlist. It sounds, instead, as if the college will give you a decision in a little while. And that decision could be yes, no, OR waitlist (assuming, of course, that this college uses a waitlist. Not all do.)

Did the admission office ask you for more information … e.g., your most recent grades or newest test scores (if you took any additional tests recently)? It’s also possible that you are a borderline candidate and the college JUST got the mid-year report from your school counselor, so the admission folks need time to review it.

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