Waiting And Waitlists

Post-New Year’s January: Application hangover time. The late-December frenzy to get college applications in before the January 1st deadline isn’t all that unlike the massive crowd in Times Square, New York, waiting for The Ball to do its thing. There’s great anticipation, and for out-of-towners, it may have taken work and sacrifice to get there.

Then The Ball drops, there’s momentary celebration, and then it’s back to whatever was going on in all those lives before the New Year’s Eve excitement. That’s kind of like where we are now, here in the first full week of January. The sacrifice, work, and anticipation that went into late-December college applications has now been spent. The dropping of The Ball is like the closing of the mailbox lid, putting both a visual and audible closure to the process.

For those of you who have submitted your Regular Decision applications, those that were generally due January 1, you have now entered the Sober Zone. The thrill, excitement, and rush of completing and sending them in is over. It’s now back to normal, or as close to that as possible. Maybe even things were never all that normal for you in the first place. In any case, you’re now facing that long winter stretch from now to Decision Day, which will come in late March or early April, depending on which schools got your application(s).

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