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Virginia Residency for Overseas Student?

Question: I live in a foreign country and I would like to study in the U.S. I'm a U.S citizen but I have never lived in Virginia. My parents lived there 15 years ago. I would like to know if I can qualify for in-state tuition, If I live 1 year in Virginia.

The fact that your parents used to live in Virginia is not relevant unless they hold jobs (typically in the military or government) that might allow them to retain a state residency in the U.S. Presumably, if this is the case, you would have said so.

In order for you to become a Virginia resident, you would have to not only reside in Virginia for a full year prior to enrolling in college, but you would also have to be financially independent of your parents. You would have to prove that you are completely self-supporting. The State of Virginia will need “clear and convincing evidence" that you have no financial ties to your parents. In such situations, the decision-makers for the state tend to be very wary and will look carefully to determine your source(s) of income.

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