Using the NACAC College Openings List


I just looked at the NACAC list of colleges still taking applications and I would like to apply to a few. One of them (Bennington) already denied me. Is it possible to reapply now that they have openings, or is that not acceptable? Also, I saw that UConn has openings. I would like to apply there but only if they're taking applications for my major -- does the listing on the NACAC list indicate that they're accepting applications for the whole school, or are there usually only certain majors available?

Since you were already denied at Bennington, you should email your admissions officer (the staff member who oversees applicants from your high school or your state) rather than reapplying. You can find the staff assignments here, if you don't know who your counselor is.

In your message, explain that you were already denied but have seen that Bennington still has spaces open and you are very eager to enroll. Include a list of new achievements, new activities or honors, and improvements (in grades, test scores, etc.) since you initially applied. Also include a paragraph that explains why Bennington is right for you and vice versa. (Try to be specific; don't just say that there's a “good English department" or “a beautiful campus.") Also point out what you will bring to the campus with you ... e.g., leadership experience, diversity, special talent in arts, academics, or athletics, atypical skills). If you don't need financial aid, be sure to mention this too. “Full pay" status would be a big plus for you, although Bennington does still have aid available. So if you do require it, it's not a deal-breaker.

According to the NACAC College Openings list, UConn only has space available for transfers. Are you a transfer student? If so, I suggest contacting the admission office's transfer representative and asking about your particular major. It's very likely that there are vacancies in some fields but not in all, just as you've suggested. You can find your transfer officer here. Scroll through the staff photos until you see “Storrs (Main Campus) Transfer Admissions Officers," and then find your current college or state listed under a staff member's name.

Whenever you contact a school from the NACAC College Openings List, it can be helpful to say from the get-go that you will definitely enroll if admitted ... if indeed you will. And if you're not happy with the colleges that have already accepted you, take advantage of this helpful list to find additional places — perhaps not already familiar to you — that might be surprisingly great fits. Consider using the College Board's “Big Future" search to look for colleges that meet your preferences for major, size, location, etc. Then cross-reference your results with the NACAC roster.


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