Preparing for College

Using Summer for Application Prep

Today is the first day of Summer 2011. Although most of you high school rising seniors have been out of school for a while now, enjoying "summer" a bit early, you're no doubt thinking about what lies ahead a year from now, when your college plans will most likely be complete. I recall the summer before my senior year in high school. I worked two summer jobs. One was strictly grunt work, delivering samples of Cold Power laundry detergent door to door in various counties throughout the central region of my home state. The other was much more accommodating, taking care of a country club's clay tennis courts. I not only got free court time in exchange for my labors but I also got to meet some of the club's young-lady members, even doling out some free tennis lessons for them. It was tough work but somebody had to do it. :-)

Back in those days, rising seniors didn't give much thought to how or where they were going to apply to college. We just knew that we would more than likely go to college somewhere, but that would all take care of itself once school started in the fall. Not so today! These days, things have escalated to a fever pitch and some parents have even started college planning for their pre-school toddlers. The fever pitch has risen to a state of delirium.

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