Use These Tips to Strategize Your Application Process


Yes, September has just begun, but for all of you college-bound high school seniors, it's not a day too early to begin planning how you will execute your college process. Maybe you're an early bird who has already decided where -- and how -- you will apply. You may have already done some campus visits and thought about or even begun some application essay work. If you have, congratulations! You're ahead of the curve.

However, knowing human nature as I do, I'm willing to bet that the majority of seniors who will be applying to college have not yet begun their formal application work. The summer was too much fun to think about the stress and level of work needed, so procrastination did its thing. Now, though, it's time to play catch-up, especially for anyone planning an Early Action or Early Decision application. Those deadlines are less than two months away. That's <60 days. Think about that!

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