Preparing for College

Unsatisfied with Prep School

Question: I am a high school junior who is currently unsatisfied with my present private school's curriculum. Would it be wise to transfer to a more prestigious private school for my senior year or stay where I am, where I am sure that my chances at getting into a selective college would be slim for a number of reasons?

Yours is a sometimes difficult situation. You have invested a good deal of time and momentum in your current school, but now you feel that its level of challenge is lacking and won't allow you to be competitive for highly selective college admissions.

If your school doesn't have a history of sending its graduates to the kinds of colleges you're targeting, then your instincts to transfer are probably correct. However, one other possibility may be that the real problem is your school's counselors who don't have the skills or motivation to advocate students to attempt highly competitive and elite applications. If this is the case, you may be able to avoid the upheaval of transferring by obtaining some independent counseling help from someone such as College Confidential (pardon the self-serving endorsement).

Otherwise, you may want to consider transferring, if your parents are willing to support a move and all that it entails. It's not an easy decision.