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"Undecided" Major for Undecided Applicant?

Question: My son is the epitome of the "undecided" kid and is looking forward to taking a wide variety of courses at college. If you were to press him for favorite subjects, he would say languages (Spanish and Latin) and the sciences. I've heard that putting "Undecided" on his applications is not a wise idea, but that he should write some subject down for potential course of study. What do you think?

Spanish and Latin are both excellent, somewhat atypical choices, assuming that admission folks won't scratch their heads and wonder where those options came from (i.e., not a hot idea if your son got a "C-" in his one year of 8th-grade Spanish and hasn't tried Latin at all!). Biology is a very common selection; physics, chem, biology, geology, astronomy (i.e., most other sciences) somewhat less so.

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