How Do I Write Essays About My Major/Career Goals When I'm Undecided?


I am applying as an undecided major to a few schools and all of them have said (at tours or open houses) that they don't look down upon undecided applicants during admissions. However, four of these schools have supplemental essays that ask about my career goals or why I'm applying to a specific department at that school. I don't know. That's why I'm undecided. How do I answer these?

Sometimes "The Dean" worries that, despite what you've learned on tours and in information sessions, selecting "Undecided" as a major may send a subliminal message to admission committees that suggests, "I'm really not all that interested in anything," when, in fact, you're actually interested in everything, yet just not ready to narrow down a choice.

So the essays that await you will afford the perfect opportunity to show admission officials that you do indeed have multiple passions. Try to have some fun with these essays. For instance, you could take a whimsical approach; something like this:

On Mondays I'm an orthopedic surgeon, wearing a starched white lab coat with my name stitched on the pocket, helping young athletes recover from injuries -- just as a doctor once helped me when I tore my rotator cuff in a volleyball game.

On Tuesdays I'm an environmental journalist, exploring the decline of the sea turtle population that I learned about when I spent last summer volunteering in coastal South Carolina ...

On Wednesdays I'm an English teacher, inspiring skeptical high school sophomores to actually love poetry and to write their own ...

Your final paragraph or two (depending on the essay word limits) would explain that you have many interests that you want to explore before choosing an academic concentration or a career goal, and then you can get specific and point out which departments and actual classes at the college in question will allow you to pursue these varied areas.

The objective of your essay will be to enable the admission folks to appreciate you as an enthusiastic student with many facets rather than someone who might just be heading to college for the football tailgates and buffet breakfasts. ;-)


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