Dr. Jamey Heit is a lifelong learner and lover of technology. He believes technology plays an essential role in solving big problems and insists that it is part of a broader solution, rather than a quick fix to a temporary challenge. He holds a PhD in Literature, Theology and the Arts from Glasgow University and has taught in a variety of higher education disciplines throughout his two-decade career in academia. He’s the co-founder of Ecree, a writing technology software that provides consistent, timely and quality writing feedback to students to ensure they develop lifelong skills for success.

I've graded almost 30,000 essays in my 25 years as a teacher in nearly every subject area.

To keep my sanity and get through that work, I (and every other teacher) must rely on a defined process. As teachers, we all have similar writing assessment processes, but more often than not, these processes are a mystery to our students -- and that's really not fair.

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