Is Two Years Only of Spanish an Admissions Deficiency?

Question: Will two years of Spanish be a Disadvantage if I took AP Spanish the second year? I took Spanish 3 last year as a freshman and this year I am taking AP Spanish. I see that most of the hard colleges require 3 years of a language, so will I be at a disadvantage for taking only 2 years of a foreign language, but one of them being AP?

Admission officials typically expect two or three years of foreign language study, and the most selective schools are often looking for fouryears of the same language. So if you started taking Spanish in middle school (or even in elementary school) and were thus ready for AP by grade 10, you can get away with quitting your language classes at the end of this year.

BUT … if you entered Spanish 3 as a high school freshman without taking two previous years … because you are a native speaker or you live(d) in a Spanish-speaking country or you learned Spanish in some other way outside of the classroom, then it's not such a hot idea to quit your language study when AP Spanish ends.

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