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Tutoring for PSAT?

Question: My daughter is a sophomore and took the PSAT for the 2nd time - she scored a 1270 this time (up from 1170 in the fall) do you suggest we tutor this summer to prep for the next PSAT in the fall to focus on the areas she needs to improve, or in between the fall PSAT and the junior year SAT? What scores do colleges need to see to consider scholarships? Thank you.

Wearing my parent hat as well as my admissions advisor visor (sorry ... couldn't resist ;-) ), I urge you to take a deep breath, step back, and let your daughter take her junior PSAT in the fall without any further mention of score improvement. If you are already in high gear over PSAT results in grade 10, you risk putting your daughter under significant stress, if she's not there already.

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