Paying for College

Are "Tuition-Free" European Colleges Really Free?

A while back, I posted two articles on a concept gaining momentum here in the U.S. — going to college in Europe. The thrust of these articles included such insights as (in my first post):

… I received a press release last week that intrigued me. It's about a new Web site that will debut mid-April of this year.'s (BTS) mission is to educate American families about more than 1,500 bachelor's degree programs available to American students — in English — throughout Europe.

There's a growing trend for American students to avoid U.S. university's fast-rising fees by pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Europe. Costs for these programs are generally much more affordable than at U.S. schools, with an average tuition of $7,291 per year, BTS states. In addition, over 40 European public universities offer American students a full bachelor's degree programs tuition free …

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