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Tufts ED-What Are My Chances?

Question: I have a 760M and 700V SAT I. My SAT IIs are 690 Writing, 680 Math IC, and 590 Biology. I have an A- average in the most rigorous courseload at my school. I am also president of Film Appreciation Club and member of Environmental Awareness Club. Do you think I will be accepted Early Decision to Tufts University?

Admission decisions are based on many factors beyond your test scores and GPA, and it's impossible to predict what Tufts will decide based on what you've told us here. Certainly your "numbers" put you in the ballpark, but they're not extraordinary for Tufts, and your extracurricular pursuits won't turn heads there either. They're nothing to sneeze at, of course, but at the exalted level of elite colleges like Tufts, you're going to be competing with student body presidents, state orchestra members, newspaper editors, and many other applicants who have unusual undertakings on their records that extend beyond the ordinary high-school club fare.

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