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Tufts Admission Videos on YouTube

It wasn't long ago that college admissions "experts" looked down their noses at college applicants who submitted videos touting their creativity, originality, and uniqueness as part of their formal applications. Now, all that has changed, due, mainly, to Tufts University.

Tufts has encouraged their applicants to submit, as part of an optional essay question, a short (about one minute in length) video, posted on YouTube, to augment their written applications. This move has been reported in the national media and is the topic of spirited discussion on the Web and in the media. Here are some samples:

- From the College Confidential discussion forum:

Tufts admissions videos on You Tube

One strange effect of Tufts University's recent policy to encourage applicants to submit videos about themselves is that many of the 1000 or so submitted for fall admission are available on You Tube, where the Tufts community is weighing in on their favorites.


A fresh pitch on 'U' tube - The Boston Globe

- Some news stories with links to the videos:

YouTube college essays: The best Tufts application videos

- And, of course, concerns from the bed-wetters:

YouTube Tufts Admissions Videos Raise Questions

- Students Enjoy Including Videos in Their Admissions Applications, but Some Educators Are Concerned

- From the source itself: YouTube:

Tufts Admissions Videos

- And, finally, from the New York Times:

To Impress, Tufts Prospects Turn to YouTube

- Need a quick sample? Here you go. The applicant states:

Admissions Officer:

For my Tufts optional essay, I decided to make a video. According to the cliche, "a pictures is worth a thousand words", this one minute long video is equal to thousands of words while if I wrote an essay, I would be limited to 400 words.

Anyways, the video was made to show insight into my life that cannot be highlighted on paper. I composed and performed the song used in the video (And as of this moment, the song is still untitled.). Enjoy!

- emily

I'm interested in what you think about posting YouTube videos as part of your college application. Do you think there's need to be "concerned"? Let me know, below.


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