Transfer Options for Student Once Expelled from High School

Question: I'm a college student and have been at community college for around 3-4 yrs, given that I've changed my major, and want to transfer to a 4 year university. Back when I was in high school, as a junior, I was regrettably expelled for a terrible mistake of catching felony charges off of school grounds. Although I was not convicted of any crime my expulsion still remained. Of course I've fundamentally changed as an individual and have focused my life of trying to pursue a degree in math and trying to get into a good university. I was wondering if taking it upon myself to do alot of community service could help ease the potential blow of having such a thing on my disciplinary record from high school when applying as a transfer student to university? I really hope there's some way I could prove to the universities that I've grown as a person, other than having to go to the millitary.

 You need to tell your colleges what you have told “The Dean.” If your college record is clean and your recommendations are positive, then most admission officials will be willing to give you another chance. You can explain the changes in your life in your application essay, or in the “Additional Information” section of your applications, or in a separate unsolicited letter.

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