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How Does High School Compute Transfer-Student GPA?

Question: We have recently moved to the US (Texas) from Singapore and my son is a junior in HS. He pursued a challenging Pre-IB course for freshman and sophomore yrs and followed a different grading system (A=70+marks). Here in TX, a similar score would be a failing grade. In this case how will the GPA be calculated?

Have you already checked with your son's new school to ascertain whether or not the they will calculate a cumulative GPA for him that includes his grades from his school in Singapore? Some high schools do not include grades that a transfer student earned elsewhere, particularly if the student comes from a school with a very different grading system. If you know that the current school WILL calculate a GPA that includes your son's grades from Singapore, then you must present his current school counselor with a school profile or transcript key from the last school that explains the grading system, highlighting the fact that any grade over a 70 is an "A", etc. Presumably, if you can present this in writing from the old school, then the new school will count the letter grades that your son earned in Singapore and NOT the numerical ones.

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