Should Transfer Applicants Retake the SAT/ACT?

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When students head to the dorms for their first year of college, they may have visions of staying there for four years and then graduating, but the reality is that about one-third of college students transfer at least once. This can be due to a variety of factors, and may even be planned from day one, particularly for students who attend two-year schools and expect to head to a four-year college down the road. But no matter what the reason, there are myriad factors to take into account when making transfer plans.

One such factor involves this dilemma: You took the SAT and ACT several times in high school, pored over your results, sent the scores to the schools on your list and completed the application process. You decided to attend a particular college, but after being at the school for a while, you found that it wasn't the right fit and began to consider the possibility of transferring. So -- do you retake the SAT/ACT? Or do you submit your high school scores to the colleges on your transfer list?

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