Top-Choice College Wants Senior Transcript

Question: I received a letter from my first choice school saying they want “An official high school transcript that includes your most up to date grades from your senior year.”

My question is, does this mean they want to see my most recent report card? Or my grades as of this moment. This is very important I would appreciate any help thank you so much!!!

An official transcript must come directly from your high school guidance counselor, not from you. It will include all of the grades you received in high school right up through your most recent senior report card. (Most seniors have gotten at least one report card by now–early December. If you haven’t, let me know.)

However, if you think that any of your current senior grades (as of this very moment) are stronger than the grades you got on your most recent report card, it would be helpful to ask your guidance counselor to send a brief letter along with the transcript that mentions this improvement. In other words, if a B- on your report card is now a B+, your counselor can say so in this letter. (You should first present your counselor with a note from the appropriate teacher which shows your current status in that class, if your grade has gone up since report card time.)

If, on the other hand, some of your grades have gone down since report card time, you’d be wise to say mum and simply ask the counselor to send your most recent report card ASAP!!

WARNING: At the end of your senior year, your guidance counselor will send a final transcript to the college you have selected. If your grades have dipped a lot since you were admitted, your acceptance could be rescinded.