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Top-10 Toughest Colleges to Get Into

I'm taking bets on when the first American college will go below a 5% overall acceptance rate. Any takers? After that milestone, I'll be taking wagers on when the first college will hit 1%. Finally, the betting pool will take on the momentous first decimal-point acceptance rate school. Won't some future group of first-year admits be proud to say, "Hey, [school name here] got 150,000 applications this year and only 1,300 of us got in. That's a 0.9% overall acceptance rate!"

And you thought inflation was bad. Well, the sub-5% and sub-1% acceptance rate days are still out there a ways but it sure ain't easy today at the top schools. This month, or in April, go ahead and brag—if you are accepted at one of's 10 hardest schools to get into, based on admissions rate and yield. A low admit rate indicates that the school is highly competitive and a high yield means that most admitted students find the school desirable enough to attend.

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