Tips on the College Process From the Grown & Flown Founders

Grown & Flown

When Lisa Heffernan and Mary Dell Harrington started the popular Grown & Flown website, they sought to be a central resource for parents of teens, and as the years passed, they gathered a comprehensive amount of content to help guide families through the teen years and beyond. Among those tips were hundreds of nuggets about the college process -- starting with admissions planning and working through the challenges that many families don't foresee, such as the stress of having kids leave the nest -- and even the stress of them returning if they don't like where they've ended up.

Heffernan and Harrington recently put some of their most important tips into a new format, and their Grown & Flown book is hitting shelves tomorrow. It includes an entire chapter about the college admission process, as well as many other pieces of advice for those whose kids are working toward independence. College Confidential sat down with them to ask some questions about college that might help bring some clarity to families who are going through the process right now.

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