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Time to Change Your Application Strategy?

"Gaming the system" has become a popular phrase these days in the colleges admissions world. U.S. News' Kim Clark has written a very interesting, if not provocative, article about how colleges are moving to shield themselves from the "gamers" out there. The term "gamer" makes me think of the kinds of activities many high school students, especially seniors who are now applying to college, are passionate about. Ever heard of Civilization 5? That's just one excellent example of the kinds of strategy games young people are playing today. In my opinion, it doesn't take a genius to make the leap from conjuring creative computer gaming strategies to concocting clever college application strategies. Of course, that's just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Clark's article reminds us once again of what a circus the world of college admissions has become. Not only are colleges being assaulted by the realities of the latest domestic economic downturn (let alone the looming global financial mess) but they're also highly sensitive to the threat of super gamers out there, like Adam Wheeler, who managed to game his way, as an impostor, into Harvard, fooling even those august, ultra-elite, and highly sophisticated admissions experts.

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