It's Time to Say "Thank You!"


Similar to those magnificent horses who ran this past weekend's Kentucky Derby, all of you college-bound high school seniors have made the Clubhouse Turn in your studies and are headed for the finish line, thanks to a team of people who have made that happen. It's been a real endurance event for you and now you have (or at least should have) an exciting college enrollment in hand that will take you to a new world this fall when you move onto campus. What more could you possibly need?

Here's the answer to that question: You need to recall those people who helped you along the way during your college quest, and you need to thank them. I'm sorry to say that I've seen the expression of thanks and appreciation take a nosedive in recent years, especially among younger generations. And no, these are not the protestations of some old guy who keeps finding fault with young whippersnappers. I'm merely commenting on the fact that am seeing (and have seen) a paucity of common courtesy these days.

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