Thoughts on Application Essays

Before you start working on your Common Application essay and the associated Common Application supplements that colleges just love to throw your way, you need to start seeing yourself in the proper perspective in regards to being an applicant to your candidate colleges. This stratagem applies even if you’re not aiming for the top, as with the Ivies and other elites. Knowing who you are and how you think, plus being able to express that in an articulate statement, will go a long way in advancing your admission chances, regardless of where you are applying.

Here’s a little exercise that may help you understand what I mean:

Try to imagine that you have a cold and don’t feel well (I hope that’s not true). So, you head to the CVS pharmacy looking for something to make you feel better. When you walk in, you scan the signs hanging from the ceiling and see one that says, Cold Remedies. Ah, just what you need! So you walk over to that aisle and suddenly you are confronted with what seems like a million different products, all of which, each in their own way, are clamoring for you to buy them. What to do?!

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