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The Value of A College Degree: Another View

It seems as though almost every week a new article comes out questioning the value of a college degree. Most of the articles discuss ROI (Return On Investment) and student loan debt. I've written about this argument before here in Admit This!. Yesterday, I made a post on the College Confidential discussion forum about the latest article that questions the value of college.

John Stossel (pictured below), according to Wikipedia, "is an American consumer reporter, investigative journalist, author and libertarian columnist. In October 2009 Stossel left his long time home on ABC News to join the Fox Business Channel and Fox News Channel, both owned and operated by News Corp. He hosts a weekly news show entitled Stossel, on Fox Business which debuted December 10, 2009, airing in prime time every Thursday repeating on both Saturdays and Sundays. Stossel also regularly provides signature analysis, appearing on various Fox News shows, including weekly appearances on The O'Reilly Factor, in addition to writing the Fox News Blog, 'John Stossel's Take'."

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