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Okay. Let's play "Remember When." Every time I start to recall how things used to be "back in the day," or my mind wanders to "the way we were," I think of Tony Soprano. Why the odd connection? Well, if you are (or were) a Sopranos fan, you may recall (even remember) an episode entitled, appropriately, Remember When. In that episode, Tony and fellow gangster Paulie "Walnuts" are having dinner with an ex-gangster in Miami, when Paulie starts to wax nostalgic about the gang's good old days. After listening to Paulie prattle on for some time, Tony gets irritated and scolds Paulie with the shows title line by noting that, "Remember when is the lowest form of conversation."

Well, hey. What does Tony Soprano have to do with college life, anyway? I can explain by first acknowledging that in a number (maybe too many) of past articles here, I have remembered when I was in college (or even high school). The main reason I have looked back across the decades is to draw a contrast between the way things used to be in the collegiate world compared to now. The contrasts sometimes have been quite shocking, particularly in the area of costs. But for today's writing, I'd like to compare current day-to-day college life with the way things were when I lived in Asbury Hall.

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