The One Question to Ask Yourself Daily to Achieve Your Career Goals


What job can my resume get me? What should I say in an interview so I get the job? These are two common and completely useless questions students ask when meeting with me. I get the appeal of these particular questions -- they offer a deceiving sense of certainty, of finding the one right answer that's going to get you the job or internship. The truth is that there isn't one simple answer to career success, but there is one simple question you can ask yourself every day to ensure you are moving in the right direction: What one action are you taking today to move closer to your career goals?

Once you've explored your options and identified which career you'd like to pursue, you want to move toward achieving those goals. That's the moment in the coaching relationship when I introduce available resources and discuss possible actions. That's also the moment when I catch a look of despondency in my students' eyes as they realize how much time and effort it takes to secure a position that will put them on a desired career path. In that moment, it's easy to become discouraged and avoid even starting. Therefore, I remind students that as overwhelming as the work seems, focusing on small steps is key.

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