Admit This

The No-College Option

I almost didn't go to college. I guess I was like many high schoolers who don't know what they want to do with their lives. I did have a small interest in computers, though (this was back when computers filled large warehouses, ran on vacuum tubes, and generated more heat than Global Warming), so, early in my senior year, I investigated the Computer Systems Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I took the entrance exam, was accepted (I don't recall that they were as selective as Princeton University), and never enrolled.

As it turned out, I eventually did go to college, mainly as a result of my ability to hit a tennis ball with some decent effectiveness. However, I often wonder what path my life would have taken had I not gone to a four-year college and pursued my life's work through a different set of paths. This raises an interesting question: Is college right (or necessary) for everyone?

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