The 6 IMPACT Stories Every Candidate Needs to Prepare for Interviews


“Hi Krasi, I have an interview tomorrow. Are you free to meet with me today so I can prepare?" Such messages in my inbox are extremely common. I do my best to accommodate, but ultimately, I know that not much can be accomplished if you start preparing today for interviews that are scheduled for tomorrow. Researching the company and role, drafting application documents and polishing your stories are all vital for a successful interview, and they take time.

“Preparing for interviews helps you organize your stories in a memorable way and makes you feel comfortable and confident telling them," says Lily Boyer, an International Coach Federation professional certified coach. You can never really know what questions interviewers will ask, but when preparing, it helps to focus on themes. Certain themes, captured by the IMPACT acronym, are bound to pop up during interviews. Review the themes and accompanying questions, brainstorm examples for each one, and if necessary, pursue opportunities to develop missing skills.

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