Temple or Penn State for Confused Future Doctor?

Question: I'm currently stuck between a rock and hard place I feel like my life is falling apart. I made a decision to go to Penn state but my parents are totally against it and wanted me to go a much more adorable school like Temple. Penn state is a well know degree and I don't mind being a debt. I feel like almost anybody that wants to get an education is going to be in debt for the most part. I don't want to make a wrong decision. I also want to go to medical school after so I'm putting a lot of this into consideration. Please help also I don't want to major in biology because of the heavy math that comes with it so I was thinking computer science because that way after grad school I'll have some sort of good income. I know I'm all over the place I just need some professional guidance right now .

It's irresponsible of me to advise you on such an important choice since I know nothing about you. But I can provide a few thoughts:

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