"Temperamental" Colleges

Some of you have already been accepted to a college, either through the commitment of Early Decision (ED) or the more flexible, option-laden Early Action (EA). Granted, you no doubt (or at least should have) done careful research about the type of school in which you showed sincere interest. Maybe your show of interest was more strategic rather than sincere, as is the case with some EA applicants.

In any case, those of you who have applied and been accepted already, now have some good news on your side. Those who have applied EA and gotten good news may very well have Regular Decision (RD) applications out there percolating up and down through the admissions system. Naturally, if you have followed the rules, any good-news SCEA or REA — that is Single Choice Early Action and Restricted Early Action — applicants have submitted just one early application so far. That's the “single choice" and “restricted" limitation. You have not mixed (at least according to the rules) ED with EA. You may have also just released some RD applications to enhance your future options come May 1.

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