This Teacher Doesn't Like Me!

Question: I am a senior, and I am having problems with my AP teacher. My relationship with this teacher is really bad. I have been depressed since last semester, and I was late and absent to the class many times. So I sincerely apologized to the teacher that I was late and absent many times and asked him if he can understand me better because I was so depressed last semester. But, he does not understand me. Even though he knows I am depressed, he just reprimands me and always picks on me in the class, He became very biased toward me. I disputed with him a lot. He sent my counselor email that I am disrespectful to him.

Would this teacher send to the college I applied about how I do in his class to hurt my chance to college? Would this happen? I am really worried about this. I am waiting for the decision, and that college is my first choice. Would the teacher send email to the college to hurt my chances?

Also, do counselors write bad things about a student? I am concerned because my AP teacher sent email to my counselor saying I am disrespectful, and I have had some problems with other teachers as well. Would counselor write negative recommendation about me?

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