Paying for College

Tax Filing Tips for Students

Far more students, both high school and college, are working these days. The cost of living (and learning) is high, and young people who are not fortunate enough to come from financially well-off families (and even those who are) are looking to part-time incomes to bridge cash-shortfall gaps. Along with the earning comes the onerous process of income tax reporting.

This techno-savvy generation is firmly plugged into the Internet. Thus, they think that electronic filing of tax returns is the only way to go. However, like most things these days, it's not quite as simple, straightforward, and safe as it may appear. Identity theft has become rampant. The plain truth is that virtually (so to speak) everything that travels through cyberspace is subject to being appropriated by criminal hands. The recent Epsilon hacking episode shows that even the most thoroughly "protected" databases can be broken into. Thus the need for caution and sober forethought.

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