Preparing for College

Taking Advantage of What Your College Offers

College is more than just going to class and partying. There is an entire network of resources there that can expand you current interests and passions, as well as introduce you to new ones. That's what we'll discuss today: How to get the most out of your college experience and discover its rewards.

For those of you high school seniors who have enrolled at a college and will be heading off this fall, you should be asking yourself one crucial question: What is the true purpose of college? Of course education should be at the top of your answers to this question, but there is much more. Naturally, the education factor is designed to prepare you for your life's work, even if the perfect fit doesn't happen until years, sometimes many years, after graduation. However, you don't come to college without other needs, such as wanting to apply the passions and interests you had in high school, or even before that. That's where college resources come in.

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