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Taking A New Smartphone Back to College?

How was your Christmas? Did you get cool stuff, cash, or coal? If you got cool stuff, like a smartphone, which you'll be taking back to college, you'll be enjoying all the advantages of some really mind-boggling technology while generating nary a thought about the wonders contained in the palm of your hand.

As with many things in life, along with the advantages come some common sense usage guidelines. So, here are a few "smart" tips with which to infuse and use that smartphone.

The last thing you're thinking about is how your activity can affect your new phone whether it's accidentally downloading malicious code or simply killing your battery by running too many apps at once. To help make sure your new phone is running smoothly below are some tips from AVG Technologies:

· If you're going to accessorize your new phone don't forget to purchase a screen protector and case. Tiny scratches on the screen can damage your phone's touch sensitivity and if you happen to drop your phone the case should help break the fall.

· Always protect your phone with a password-enabled lock screen. While you should be aware that someone could hack into your phone via malware, a lock screen can thwart would-be criminals or pranksters who have physically stolen your phone.

· Only connect to networks that you trust. When you're on the go and need to jump online, use your phone's default setting to connect to your provider's network until you feel comfortable with a secure home or work Wi-Fi.

· Think before you download. Researching an app and reading the user reviews will help determine how well the app works with your phone and if you should install it.

· For those with Android devices, AVG offers antivirus free, a mobile security app that is available in the Android Marketplace under 'Droid Security'. Or you can visit and click the Free Download button and download to your PC, then transfer to your Android device.

· Save the battery life of your new device. Closing out of applications completely instead of simply switching windows will help increase your smartphones' performance and extend its battery life. Also, disable functions like Bluetooth and GPS when not in use to keep your device charged for a longer amount of time.


Don't let your smartphone outsmart you. Raise your technology IQ.


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